October 28th-First Responders Day!!!!

I am so greatly appreciate all the service you provide from the goodness in your heart.You do this service to help others as a duty to the human good to help others who need help.

To the police officers who help keep our streets safe from criminals and violence.

The hats off to the paramedics keeping people alive long enough until they can get to the hospital fast enough and help people who are in urgent need of medical care.

The ones who put their own lives at risk who could die burn to a crisp the fireman and fire women that teach the word how to keep themselves and their homes safe from a blazing fire that we need to put out.Who are the first to run into a fire to safe a human or animal from burning to death possibly going to die themselves.I love how you love all the people of this world regardless of background or nationality.You do your service to the world regardless of the deadly sacrafice you are making risking your own life to save a citizen on the street.

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