In High School I Could Relate to Her Book

Summary:A teenage girl named Autumn in high school who lives with both her parents and her younger brother.One day she sees her mother talking on the phone and knew something was wrong.Her mom told her that their dad died in an accidental car crash.This death shook her families whole world.Now Autumn had to continue to live her teenage life while going to school handling how she feels about her dad’s death.Autumn’s mom and her family move to a new town and Autumn goes to a new school.Not so much fun when her dad was famous and the popular girl made rumors about how her father died and they circle around the whole school.Autumn was an awkward teenager who was so clumsy she going into embarrassing accidents at school the whole school or class would see and laugh at her.Autumn eventually makes friends but to make matter worse she starts to have a crush on the popular girls boyfriend trying to hide how she felt.Authmn’s mother tells her to go visit her grandmother at the senior center she lives at.When she visited her grandmother gives her a gift from her father.The present was a journal for Autumn to write down her thoughts but it was not just any journal her grandmother told her this was a magical journal.That could grant wishes if you wrote down in the journal what you wished for.She thought this gift was kinda stupid at first but then she starts to use it to talk to her dead father.Autumn eventually becomes friends with the popular girls boyfriend after following him around stalking him.They like hanging out with eachother but the popular girl hated it.She was the one who has possible started the rumors about how her dad died and how it all went down.So Autumn uses her book to grant bad karma against this girl like she wished for her to break her leg and she does.The wishing gets out of hand to the point where Autumn thought about getting rid of the journal entirely.But when she tells these people the journal grants wishes noone believe her except her best friend from her home town.Autumn tries to undo all the spells but realizes you can not undo a wish once granted.The popular guy who was the captain of the varsity boys track ends up dating Autumn and to make matters even worse tries to get Autumn and his ex girlfriend to get to know eachother to become friends.That surely works not at first she ends up going over to her house one night they are hanging out but only goes to try to snoop on this girls computer.To make it a lot worse Autumn ends up telling her boyfriend about the wishes,the journal and how all of this was her fault he stops talking to her for a while.But love was awkward for her she had her first kiss and wished he asked her and took her to the school dance.Plus wished he kissed her.Autumn loves this particular that is having a contest to see which lucky winner gets to have VIP tickets to their concert but Autumn wins.To her own mind she did not sign up her friend signed her up so they could both go together.When she gets to school the popular girl who was head cheerleader only wants to go to get special treatment since her dad is rich and all.Autumn is a smart,friendly,funny,caring,kind and lovable girl who happens to not only be an outsider.But also finds out that her new beau has a learning disorder just like her.Autumn has dyslexia with number.

How I could Relate: Around the time I got interested into reading this book I was going to a new school just like Autumn Falls.I was entering my worst nightmare high school.I was the awkward outsider who was a loner too.But could make friends as long as I tried and found the right group of friends to hang out with.My new chapter in my life was no easy rollercoaster I was shy and did not let anyone in.To top all the stress and anxiety of going somewhere new I had a learning disability with math just like Autumn.That was not the only big bump in the road my grandmother died part way through the school year.With me having to find ways to deal with my feelings of loss and how to go to school with caring these such hurt and excruciating feelings.Worst feelings I ever had and worst situation my family ever to go through.Navigating teen life was hard enough until you find out the smart kid in your history class had a crush on you since the school year began but never told you and he acted so weirdly awkward around me to the point it was creepy.I did not know how to handle someone crushing on me for none ever had before.had gotten onto the wrong side of life in school too I took in all the negative anyone said and took all the negative I had going on at home and lashed out at school and was stubborn to get help and had low confidence that I could do well my grades slipped.Trying to juggle my extremely stressful home life,having a learning disability,trying to make some sort of friends,deal with feelings of loss and someone who had a crush on me.Could lashing out and fighting against all the positive was that really going to make my life any better or any easier?No it did not it only made matters worse.

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