Get High Off Life Itself

The whole world should be getting high off of life itself.Instead of some negative substance or activity that could result in dangerously negative consequences in the end.

Finding the happiest you can become from doing the activities you love to do,really enjoying spending time with the ones you love and like being around the most.

Go out and try new things and experineces.Do not stay in your comfort zones for too long.

But do not get so much adrenaline from life itself that it has a negative consequence you should not have from living your life your way.In the absolute best and happiest ways you can for yourself.

You want to become the happiest and make sure you lived a life full of experiences,

spent time around people you love and care about most around you,taking all the good with any of the bad the universe gives you to stay as balanced as possible

and ultimately being their for others to make the world you live in the best you can make it to leave the earth way better off than when you were born.

But not ever forgetting who you are in the midst of life and taking time for yourself and taking so much time for you that you ignore or forget about the ones around you and your own life.

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