Teens & Mental Health:Know Your Facts!

“Degrassi/Mental illness right down to the second” https://youtu.be/7e003bf7B-Q

Did You know at least 1 child in every group of kids is bound to get a mental condition?That does not sound like a lot of kids but in the big scope of things in this world if you count every one child in each group of five children overall that is a ton of children.With a condition that needs to be treated medically either by a doctor, a physiatrist,a therapist or some sort of counselor either at a counseling facility or at school to help with school stress.But their are so many cases not getting addressed and these kids are sitting in the shadows in silence waiting for someone to notice the problems they have to deal within their own brain that are not their fault.To not have to deal with the consequences of what would happen if their mental issues fo untreated for too long before checked.This could lead to a longer time of someone having to deal with this condition and the problems could process so far along that it could be so much harder to treat but still not untreatable.

13% does not seem like that large of a percentage of children but overall that is still a lot.For that fact that no child should not ever have to deal with living with mental problems that could affect them not only mentally but physically too.50% is half of the population means that our society still has stigma around getting help for your non physical pain. But invisible pain hurts so much worse than physical because it may not ever truly go away.If it does go away it leaves a mental scare where you may not ever forget what had happened or how you felt at the time.Not even one kid should be considering suicide at all not even once in their life.Just considering it is just as bad as attempting it.It is so much harder for the fact that You are not inflicting on your urges living with the thoughts and trying to figure out ways to drive them away.Not to have to think as bad of those thoughts ever again in your entire life.Before you have more responsibility instilled upon you were you get to have some fun before your childhood fun is all over and gone for good 1/2 of all lifetime cases of mental health issues take away at least some time of your life away.It takes away some of the time in your life you could be living life and not regretting what you were not able to do.Due to the fact that you had a condition that was not your own fault and would of not ever wished upon yourself or on anyone else.To not have to deal with how hard life was or is now considering a condition making life so much harder than it actually is.

It is not a shock to me or a surprise for that matter.I know a lot of reasons why school can be the main cause of stress for teens.In my opinion teens at home are not being taught ways to properly destress when times get to be too much and a lot is piled up on your plate.Even handling other students comments and not take them to so much heart like it is really true.No one knows you for who you truly are or what you are truly going through but you.So many teens want to do activities that suite their interests and get connected with other peers who are like minded like they are.Who enjoy the same acrivity as them.All most teens want to be is accepted by others and not to feel alone.They try to do as many activities so their lives are full of purpose and want to be around other people to not feel alone.I knew that girls stress more than guys for the fact of social media and trying to make their lives look better than someone else’s.Girls do not want to look any worse than another girl or they will not get to have a million followers like their favorite celebrity has.Not so many boys are stressed at school from my view point they do not care about school as much as they do about their friends or looking to see which girl is the prettiest or looks the most ugly.That is low for the fact that so many more people have mental health issues more so now than ever for the fact of technology.I would of thoughts the numbers would be about 80 some percent at least.I’m glad that people are able to find ways to get sleep for the big factor a lot of us forget technology.Technology let’s us listen to music to help us go to sleep faster,listen to soothing noise and sounds,have a fan or heater on to listen to or make us feel warmer or cooler.Plus televion to watch netflix to have noise of your favorite show to help you wind down to sleep better.The main way to combat stress and to reduce mental health issues from getting so much worse or prolonging for so long is by taking care of yourself.Once you get to know me my biggest topics I preach about is self care.If your mind and body are not both healthy how are they both able to tell the other what to do positively next.If you are unhealthy in the body or the mind that part sends negative signals to the other part that is healthy and starts knocking down the health of that other part and then their goes your overall good health.Self care keeps you in check and both your mind and body in sync.

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