Dad Did You Care If I Was Okay?

Son You Do Not Ask If I am Okay-We Bought a Zoo

Their was a time when You did not say a hello to let me know that you noticed that I existed

Or a warm hug that made me smile and a “I love You and Have a Wonderful day”

You did not even notice that I was alive

That hurt me with inside my heart

Being ignored by you felt like one of the worst feelings a child should not ever have to feel

I knew at times You had to work extra long hours to make sure combined with mom’s money we had more than enough

To support 2 kids plus 4 adults

It was not Your own fault that mom went to live over their

We all took her moving really hard

You took it the extreme hardest

You were not in the right mind set to take care of or even be in the same area as your kids without endangering our safety

You tried your hardest to hide how You felt and how badly You fell to rock bottom

You did not want Your children to see You as bad as You saw Yourself

You only wanted us to see You as a caring,loving and confident father who was nothing more than their for his kids

You got sick so bad at times in my life You could not live a normal life or think about the next day

Left alone Your child sitting here wanting to talk to dad and have dad around

But not being able to talk to You hurt so painfully

I do not think I will not forget when I do have to remember

We all had to take care of the elderly once we all moved in

But my sister should of not had to be my third parent too

A parent when you were too sick to get up out of bed and in so much pain

That at some points you went to the hospital on more than a few occasions

I had to spend days without you

My dad who is my father first then my lifelong bestfriend

Their were times in my life that a daughter really needs their dad but You were not their

For unforeseen circumstances that none of had control over

It was your fault some times that You did not try to at least make an effort

But it is over now and You have done so much better since

I have a dad that cares and asks if I am at least okay and doing well at least once a day

A dad that gives hugs and talks with me

A daughter that has a dad at times I need him the most

You do fall back on some of your old habits but not for too long

Before You realize what You did wrong

And You try to figure out how to make or relationship better next time

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