Sexual Abuse Survivors Are Around Us All

13 Reasons Why-Tyler told Clay about the Sexual Assault

You think you know everything someone has just done through recently.But not everyone tells the whole story for they are afraid,scared or ashamed of how you will feel and react to their pain.You could know what is going on but have no idea what has gone on behind close doors where no one is going to speak about because it is too much and too hard to talk about.It is so much easier to hide the pain and the feelings inside and keep them buried deep within and not bring it up for it is a touchy subject and spot in their mind.

You may think this only happened to you.That you where the only one that this person broken down to have to rebuild back up even stronger than ever.Usually sexual assulters assault multiple people to get their fix to feel this great high.To them this is their drug and do not care what they do as long as they feel satisfaction from harming your own personal temple.Your own sacrifice space meant only for You.Not for someone to think it is okay to invade.All You meant to them was a piece of flesh they could fill their natural human desires.These assaulted have a twisted mind where they do not think right and need mental help to to bring down their urges and not hurt another human again physically but also broken down emotionally too.
Tyler Tells Jessica Monty Raped Him

You will find out in time that people you may even know or know of have gone through almost the same shear pain of feeling violated in their own secret place.You are not the only one and can find support close to you.Tell the ones closest to you Your pain and share your pain with them.So You do not have to carry it and go through the journey of healing all alone.You need to know that you and them can become a force and heal together and take back and regain what is yours.To fight the good fight to make sure this does not happen to another soul again.

We need to now as a society when the destruction is all done and over to hear out who in your everyday life has gone through some of. the worst pain a human body could ever go through.To know that we stand by them in their fight for justice and for them to keep healing in their own ways on their own terms.Their story matters just as much as ours but even more.These people have gone through something that was so traumatic that getting through the day is just shear horror.You have to refind and rebuild yourself back up from the ground up.Even man get sexually assaulted but men do not speak on their pain for the fear of shame of not wanted to be rejected or looked at as the man who is sensitive.We all as a society have some sort of story to tell.Not everyone is ready for their story to be heard but in time we will hear their story and be by their side ro support them.You are not alone in your emotional journey to becoming truly happy and confident in yourself.To become confident in yourself for how yourself image of who you where was now gone ripped away but not give them the power to take it away and regain it back and stand as tall as a skyscraper telling your story and your own truth of the great person that came out on the other side positive.

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