Our Relationship Deleted Gone Forever

You had a great thing going

You had the best partner You could get in an entire lifetime

You had the best relationship You could ever ask for and so much more

You thought You had everything in this relationship you could of ever wanted or could ask for

You where the happiest you have been in really long time

You kept screwing up on repeat thinking that you could make a mistake

And you thought your better half would not even notice and let you slide all over again

To you all our relationship has been to you is a joke

A game you thought You thought you could make up your own rules for

Making me a game piece without letting me in on that all we were was a game to you

I probably was not even going to stay with you if you told me

I am not going to stand for your immature games

I do not lie to you and honesty is the number two qualities a relationship needs to work properly

I am done and over all of this betray

You lost the best thing that is ever going to come your way for a life partner

Your not ever going to find anyone half as great as me

I am not going to hold my breath or say one last one to you

You do not deserve anymore of my time that will only get wasted

I now am going to press Delete on us and never look back ever again

Since it will be all gone forever and puff gone out of my memory

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