Do You Know Yourself?

Do You know Who You Are?                  Do You even know what You want?        Do You have standards set & in place?    Do You tell others what you can & can not handle so No one ever goes too far.     Tell the World Your story using Your own voice.                                                      Shouting from the Rooftops on the top of the whole World.                                 ….  Telling everyone what You Stand for.      The causes You stand beside and root for                                                            What You believe in within all your heart & soul                                          Being so passionate with all that fire building up inside You so much that You are ready to explode with fiery passion.                                                            Do You show others who You truly even are with the way You dress,talk,walk,or with the way You style your hair?            Does Your attitude show that You are able to Not just “walk the walk” but “talk the talk” at the same time.           You show that You actually can do what You say and put out effort most people are seemingly just too lazy to put Not even an ounce of effort into.                      Are You a Doer or a Follower!                    A Leader or a Sidekick!                                Are You a Defender who goes out of their Own Way to help the ones of those without a voice.                                            Are You a Champion a Winner at the game as we call “Life”                              Are You what You want in Your own best friend the best qualities and characteristics.                                               The Best that You could Ever be meaning Do You truly know who You are within ever aspect of Yourself.           Mind,Body,❤,& Soul all within

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