Ways You Can Learn to 💜 Yourself

Loving yourself is not as easy as it may sound.Like the saying you probably heard at least once in your life “It is easier said than done”.You have probably learned that lesson more than once in your life.It can be quite hard to see yourself the way others may see you if your mind does not see you in a healthy positive way.Everybody has at least one thing about themselves that they do not like.It is human not to like every single thing about yourself 100% but if by some sort of magic you do then great you have achieved what most may never fully achieve but hope to get better at and learn ways that they can keep improving and hope one day that they can think very highly of themselves that makes them happy and smile at themselves maybe when they look in the mirror as a whole new you.

Here are some tips and ways you can learn to ❤ yourself as much or as little as you want.You can try all or just a few.Their is no exact science to learning to like yourself more.Do activites and things that work for you and try not to be discouraged if what works for you may not work for someone else or what may not work for you may work for someone else.Just Do you and be kind to yourself and your body and your body will show what is working and not working.So you can find ideas that work best just for you.

Here are some ways:

1.Take what you Need Not what you Don’t Need:I mean try not to do things to yourself or do things others want that you do not want to do or that will negatively effect your body.I have a suggestion maybe try making a list of things you need right now in your life that is not being met and try to figure out how each and every single need one by one is going to get met.Take what you and your body needs from life and not what life can not give you.Try not to expect life to give more than it is putting out.Not all your needs are going to be met right away.It just takes times it may take weeks,months,at most a year,or years depending on the needs on your list.Please try not to get discouraged just take baby steps and keep moving forward no matter how slow your progress is because all your progress shows is that your trying.


2.Try to Write down everything that you like about yourself:Just write down what you like about yourself just for you and no one else.All that matters is what you like about yourself so you start to become even more comfortable in your own skin.Examples:maybe you have great looking hair,pretty eyes,a great smile,you are kind,or give out great compliments.Say what wrote down out loud it doesn’t sound as bad as it feels trust me.Maybe say these words out loud everyday until you start believing at least one of these things you like about yourself become true in your mind.If you do not like yourself how can you see yourself in such a positive way.


3.Say Affirmations to Yourself:Take the things you do not like about yourself and write them down and say them back to yourself everyday until you and your brain start to believe these things within yourself.If you want to change the way your mind thinks you gotta say positive and kind words to yourself everyday wheather how hard it is for you cause in the long run the more times you say these types of words you will start to believe them and it will not be so hard to think of these positive kind words.These types of words will come to you naturally at some point but giving up on trying will not work for you to get their.If you want to become something you think you can not become maybe try saying affirmations to yourself to to make yourself believe you can become what you think can not and maybe eventually one day you will become what you aren’t.Saying these kind of words to yourself in time will change your behavior between your thinking and your brain.Also your brain and your mouth.It will help you see value within yourself your old self would of not of seen.Say words to yourself for example like you are Smart,kind,caring,loving,   beautiful,special, & I am so good at art if you are actually good at art.


4.Write a letter of Self Love                  to Yourself: Either take a piece of paper and pencil,if you have a journal or if you prefer typing use google docs or maybe a writing app that you like.Imagine your future self reading this letter telling yourself when you read this in the future how Awesome and Amazing you really are.Brainstorm and think of ideas and write them down on what you want to be or what you think you will love about yourself now that you are older.Try not to beat yourself up over what you still didn’t achieve at an older age because you still have time to get there or you may never achieve some of these things ever in your entire life and that is okay.Maybe you weren’t meant to be these things or do these things and that’s okay because you were meant to be special just who you are.Be real,true,and raw.Be 100% with yourself do not lie or tell yourself something that isn’t true.This letter is an ode to who you are and who you want to become.This letter could take you a day,weeks,months,a year,or years depending on how hard writing this letter is going to be for you.For some this letter is going to be a piece of cake others this will give you anxiety or make you want to cry and that is okay.

5.Forgive yourself for all your mistakes and wrong doings:Write down all the things all I am asking for is in the past year you have done wrong or screwed up.Take just one off the list and work on trying to accept yourself for what you could not achieve.This may take months,a year,or years.I do not expect for you to forgive right now if not possible you have a whole lifetime to forgive.If you are not able to forgive everything that is okay.Some thingd are not able to be forgiven because of how bad you messed up or someone hurt you.This is all okay this is all natural and human.We all need to forgive and sometimes forget because we all mess up but others mess up so much so to the point we can not come back from what us or others have done.Work diligently and not give up and keep working g on it until you are able to forgive for yourself to be able to move forward or feel at peace within yourself that now a weight was just lifted off your shoulders you can now lock away and not look back at again.Maybe not forget but not be weighted down by the burden or feelings you still have associated with this thing.

6.Be Grateful for What You have Not What You Don’t have:Take a notebook or journal and start a gratitude journal of all the things each day you are thankful for in that day.Start by doing 3 a day for at least a week and see maybe as time goes on you have even more and more to write down that you think of.If you are not able to think of many that is okay as long as you can think of at least 3 a day has been proven to make people more mindful of what they have around them that others don’t.Maybe you know you may find out that you are so fortunate and even more rich than you thought you were.Us humans do not always day to day think about what we have that helps and keeps us going that others do not.Take even if it is just a few second everyday and appreciate at least one thing in your day that you are thankful for or makes you feel more positive.On days you are feeling reallydown or feel like you are not as lucky as someone else take a piece of paper and draw a glass and put lines on the cup.Write down things that come to mind that you have that others in a foreign country and read them back to yourself.You may see that your glass is not so half empty it is half full or maybe even overflowing with so much positive gratitude you never though you had until you saw a visual of it with your own eyes.Seeing the bigger picture sometimes helps you realize the things you are not able to realize at the time but eventually do at some point.

7.Work on Making Unhealthy Habits: Take this baby step by baby step and work on one new unhealthy habit a month.This is all I am asking from you.Take your calendar or make a chart and track each and everyday you achieve your health habit.The more days crossed off the more chances you have to keep improving on your habit everyday until it becomes natural that you may not even think about it anymore.Set yourself a small enough goal that you can easily achieve one goal a week to help you try to stay on track and keep your progress moving forward.Set yourself a reward for if you achieve your goal and for each time you break your bad habit.Your reward will help motivate you to keep staying on track because you can’t wait until you get that reward.Rewards like unhealthy food Fridays,go to the movies,sleep in later,watch your fav tv show,or have a self care day once a week.Have a start date put down on your calendar and have a support partner that you can trust that will stand by you to make sure you do not give up cold turkey and to encourage to keep your spirits up until the end date.To make sure your progress is being met and you have someone yoh can check in with whenever you need to talk or need motivation cause you may feel like giving up.

If you learn anything from these ways you can learn to love yourself I want you to learn that every body goes through a period of time in there lives that they go soul searching.Where they take time to find themselves because we are not all there all the time.We do not know everything we as humans are always doing things everyday to learn more about ourselves.Like what we like and dislike by what we do and say.We are all evolving and changing so much that we are not even the same person as we were last week even surprisingly yesterday either.We all need to reevaluate our lives so we have the best lives we can have possible for ourselves and ourselves onlyand no one else.We need to be the best versions of ourselves to guarantee ourselves the satisfaction that we are really truly within ourselves as happy as we can possibly be for ourselves and no one else.Do not let anyone else tell you who you can anand can not be You can be whatever you want to be as long as you are able to achieve it and it is within your vision of what you want your life to be.


Be Yourself! DO NOT settle for anything less than that.Become a leader and not be so much of a follower.Do your own thing as long as it makes you happy all for yourself.You are doing your best so forget the rest.Life will knock you down but you can get back up.Look at how many times you got back up so far and how much you went through to get this far.You have lived this long you can live longer as longer as you Do Not ever forget we are all works in progress that we are not all meant to be Perfect.We all keep trying and moving on even from the hurt.We all have low self esteem to an extent it is just different for all of us where we land on the spectrum and how bad or good our self esteem really is.Does it effect our lives in such a negative way or are they just a few things that if you do not really think aboutthem your life is still pretty good.


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