Not your Typical Self-Care Ideas:

Self-care is not as simply as it may seem.Like you have heard it is easier said than done.Self-care is what you make of it and get out of it.What someone else does for there self care might be completely different from what you do for yours.Someone may go for a run while you might not even exercise at all instead you might go out and have unhealthy food.It is different for everyone but Please don’t be discouraged or ashamed for how you practice self care or for the things you do for yourself that make you happy and feel good unless it is unhealthy. Just do You!& Not let anyone tell you any different you are who you are and put on this earth for a reason so keep being you because your meant to be hear.

There are 5 Areas of self care the number 1 area in my opinion I am going to touch on today is Mental because everything we do is based on how are mind thinks and processes and feels everything in our day to day lives.If our mental state is not okay us as humans are not okay.You do not by any means have to do them all.Maybe to start off you might just try a few and see how it goes or your all for it and do them all or you try a few and it is going so well for you you choose to do them all.However you chose to embrace more of your mental health self care is fine by me.You don’t even have to do any of what is on this list you can certainly come up with ones of your own you want to try.


  • Start a journal to write down your thoughts,feelings,what your grateful for,maybe your dreams,or just write things down so you don’t forget.
  • Maybe try taking 10 to 15 minutes before to read to help calm down and relax so when you do go to sleep you are more sleepy and tired and ready for bed.
  • Go offline 1 day a week you don’t know the wonders of what not looking online for a day could do for you and how much your life and view of the world could change in just 1 day.
  • Try to take even if it is for only a few minutes time to listen to your favorite music weather it is on your phone or in your car to and from wherever you are going.
  • Tweak your morning routine and adapt it to what you want it to be so that you want to get up every morning and benefit from it.
  • Diffuse essential oils or Sprays.For example if you have bed mist and pillow mist and spray it on your bed and pillows just the smell could calm you down and help you unwind and make you want to be in bed to sleep.Even if you just have room spray pick your favorite smell and spray it around your room and just stand there for a moment and smell the aroma in the air and feel the smile it could put on your face.
  • Set your alarm for 5 minutes before you normally get up.It may not seem like it is a big difference but in the long run after having to wake up those extra 5 minutes it will make a big different.Those are 5 minutes you could be doing something for yourself or another task you always wanted to do but now you have a few extra minutes for.Make sure to use those 5 extra minutes wisely.
  • Make sure to Self-Refect on your life to see where you want to change things and to make your life better.Look back at all your accomplishments and goals you have achieved and at all the good moments and see how good you have it compared to someone else and all the sad and hard times to see how far you have come and how much you have grown since then and all you can do now after all that.
  • Go Absolutely No Phone! for a day and see what life is like not being able to talk to friends and family through call and text and maybe trying to go and see them or talk to them face to face.I know talking face to face is so 1980’s back in our parents’ time before we all existed.You should try it you have no idea the wonders and changes it had on my life and how much it could change yours not looking at it every few seconds or minutes or every hour.
  • For a change if you are the type of person who says Yes! to everyone a People Pleaser this one is for you.Try saying No! to everything just for one day and see how it makes you feel and how much it changes everyone else’s life around you and maybe how good you feel for finally saying No for a change but just don’t go after trying this and saying No to everything all the time.We all have to do some of what we are asked to do or the answer is sometimes the word Yes.
  • But on the Flip side of this if you are someone who always says No to everything maybe try saying Yes to everything for a day and see maybe how good you feel for doing things for others and helping others out could be for you.But don’t go after trying this doing things for everyone and becoming a people pleaser and never doing anything for yourself and forgetting you exist. All I am saying is just try saying Yes more often and less of the word No because doing things for others is part of life we can’t do everything in this world we all need help at some point in life.At times in life all of our lives we all know this from experience that a lot of the time the answer is usually or probably the word No because we aren’t gonna get everything we want or get to do everything we want to do if we did it would not be called life.It is called life for a reason.Especially if you are asked something sometimes the answer is No very often does this word come up but it does and it is the answer at times so don’t say Yes if the answer is truly No.

Let me know in the comments what you do or want to try to start doing to keep your mind in check every day I might even try some of those ideas myself.

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